• The available number of plots for sale with this project, Wildstead , is 319 numbers and each plots are in a parcel of 50 cents. There will be a slight variation in the area of the plot instituted in the site and the difference in area of the plot will be adjusted in accordance to the money fixed for the land.
  • Total area for the project is 270 acres of land in Uthamapalayam Thaluk,Theni District, Tamilnadu.
  • The cost of a single unit i.e. for 50 cents will be 15’000’00/- INR. The advance payment to block the land will be Rs.300, 000/- INR. The balance amount for a single unit can be paid in 36 equal installments. No interest for the money will be charged. The payment of the plot purchased will be in accordance to the payment chart given at the time of the advance for the plot. No other payment modes will be accepted.
  • Spot booking for the Wildstead plots can be done at the time of visit of the marketing person, by paying an amount equaling to 25,000/- INR. Those who make spot booking like this will have to pay the balance 275000/- within one months time. Failing to pay the balance amount 275000/- within a period of one month will become a reason to loose the initial amount paid.
  • Any one who paid advance for the booking of the land through the online facility; the receipt generated for the payment will be treated as the promise of the particular plot from Wildstead.
  • The common utilities promised with this project are Club Houses, Amusement Park, Cultural village, Play houses, Gymnasium, Common security measures and Tower Houses .The utilization of the common amenities will be in respect to certain restrictions in respect to manage each utility in a perfect manner.
  • All the promised common amenities and utilities will be full filled at the time of the transfer of the Title deed of the property after the completion of the full payment of the plot from the customer.
  • Wildstead are land dealers and claim no specialist knowledge or expertise as to the future predicts land prices. Historical prices in the value of land are not a reliable guide to the future price of land.
  • We will provide guarantee that land is freehold , but we cannot guarantee that the price paid for any land plot represents its market value and it is up the clients to satisfy themselves independently of the value of any land purchased from us
  • All land sold is freehold and Wildstead have no future claims on the land whatsoever. The client becomes the legal owner of the land, and all items upon and beneath it once cleared funds have been received by Wildstead. Individual clients are responsible for any insurance that they may deem necessary for their land.
  • By signing the Plot Reservation Form the client confirms that they have read and accepted these terms and conditions detailed herein and that the purchase of the land plot by the client is based solely upon the client's own consideration of the site
  • A land plot is secured for a client by means of a deposit of 300000/- INR of the purchase price. The full balance is then due within three years. i.e. in 36 installments. Any client wishing to cancel, prior to payment of the balance, may do so but such deposit will transfer to the client after the period of installments i.e. 36 months.
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